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Christin Taylor

Official Website of PhD Student, Writing Instructor, and Author of

Shipwrecked in LA


Shipwrecked in L.A.




Taylor listens as she speaks, a skill that allows a higher voice to flow into her writing.

Dustin Bealle Smith, author of Key Grip:  A Memoir of Endless Consequences

Taylor draws readers in, not with simplistic solutions, but rather by offering vivid stories of transformation. She demonstrates that healing can only come when one fully embraces his or her own journey partnered with community.

Kristin Ritzau,

author of A Beautiful Mess

Christin Taylor's new book, Crew, offers a surprisingly radical, practical and countercultural call to Christian hospitality in a world stuck in isolation.

David Drury,

chief of staff of The Wesleyan Church

In The Press


I am a Third Culture Kid. My childhood and adolescent years were split among the diverse backdrops of Canada, Haiti, and England. Today, I live in Southern Ontario with my TCK husband, Dwayne, and our two kids.

I am a PhD student, writer, a professor of writing, a wife, mother, and advocate for the marginalized and outsider. I write about writing and identity through the eyes of a cultural outsider. 


Recent Publications



Two Moms Find Friendship, Faith


This highly politicized moment with a president, heavily supported by Evangelical Christians, campaigning to ban Muslims from the country, makes it awkward for me to share my faith, let alone befriend a Muslim. But friends we have become.



When Leaving Faith Means Finding It Again


I'll never forget that conversation: the moment when Amy predicted I would walk away from my faith. I was 26. She, 36.




Reconciliation in the Shadow of a Broken History


Self-professed best friends, Anthony and Dustin have two very different energies. And then there is the one glaring difference between them: Anthony is black. Dustin is white.





Unwrapping the Comfort of Sameness


I thought choosing to send my daughter to a Spanish immersion school would be easy. Especially given my background as a missionary kid.


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