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200 University Avenue West                                                                           cell: (519) 496-3713

Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1                                                                   



PhD student, English: Composition and Rhetoric, University of Waterloo, expected 2021


Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Antioch University of Los Angeles, 2006


Bachelor of Arts, Writing/Communication Arts, Indiana Wesleyan University, 2002   






Taylor, Christin. Crew: Finding Community When Your Dreams Crash. Indianapolis: Wesleyan Publishing House. 2014.


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Taylor, Christin. “All.” In, Just Moms: Conveying Justice in an Unjust World. Newburg: Barclay Press. 2011.


Literary Journals

Poetry: Relief: A Quarterly Christian Review: November, 2008. “Sunset Over Los Angeles,”

Fiction: Wordriver Literary Review: Spring, 2013. “Outside, Watching,”




Washington Post

              March 2018, “Two Moms Find Friendship, Faith”


             February 2016. “Reconciliation Ground.”

             November, 2015. “Unhaunted: Leaving Guns Behind in America.”

New York Times

             September, 2014. “A Missionary Kid Sends Her Kid to Spanish Immersion Elementary.”

             April, 2014. “Should Jesus Live In My Front Yard?”

BrainWorld Magazine.

              March, 2013. “Speed-Dating: How the Brain Thin-Slices the Face.”

              December, 2012. “The Mind of a Dog Revealed.”

              March, 2012. “Superhearing.”

              December, 2011. “Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness.”

              December, 2010. “Minding Your Baby’s Mind.”



“The Knowing Center: Composing Identity in the Age of Reconciliation”

Thomas R. Watson Conference of Composition and Rhetoric, Fall 2018


“Taking the Backseat: Applying Magolda’s Learning Partnership Model to Residence Life,” Ontario Association of College and University Housing Officers, May 2016


“Not So Strange Bedfellows: The Synergy between Learning Assessment and Magolda’s Self-Authorship Theory,” Gettysburg Friday Faculty Luncheon, Fall 2014


“Learning Partnerships: How Faculty Can Move Students from External to Internal Authority,” Conference on Christianity and Literature, Azusa, CA, Spring 2013





  • Design course curriculum, tailor assignments, and rubrics to attend to departmental learning objectives; plan discussions, structure class time, lead writing workshop, and on-campus visits; partner with faculty and staff from across departments to co-teach.

Adjunct Professor, Gettysburg College, Fall 2012 – Spring 2015

English 205: Introduction to Creative Writing

First Year Seminar 158: A Survival Guide for Your Young Adult Years

English 101: Introduction to College Writing

Adjunct Professor, Azusa Pacific University, Fall 2006 – Summer 2010

English 110: Freshman Writing Seminar

English 111: Introduction to Literature


Adjunct Professor, Biola University, Spring 2007 – Spring 2010

English 110A: Studies in Critical Thinking and Writing

English 110B: Studies in Critical Thinking and Writing


Adjunct Professor, Mount San Antonio College, Spring 2007 – Spring 2009

English 68: Preparation for College Writing



  • Tailor pre-existing syllabus and curriculum to classes of 60+ students, design lesson plans to achieve learning objectives, assess and evaluated student work.

Partial Load/Part-time Instructor, Conestoga College, Fall 2016 – Fall 2017

COMM 1410: Fundamentals of Effective Written Communication

COMM 1380: Professional Writing Skills



  • Support instructor in designing rubrics, assessing student work, and marking; guest lecture on writing strategies; answer student questions and concerns; hold office hours.

Teaching Assistant, University of Waterloo, Spring 2018, Fall 2018

Science Communication 100: Communications in the Sciences Physical

English 210F: Genres of Business Communication



Writing Center: ELL Faculty Tutor, September 2013 – May 2014

  • Enhanced ELL students’ writing experience, read papers, gave instruction on revisions, helped to negotiate language and cultural barriers in the writing process as well as the classroom experience.

  • Amplified the work of 16 student tutors through trainings on providing feedback to ELL students and English-speaking learners.

  • Clarified expectations of the tutoring process and introduced student tutors to the Revision Funnel and the hooks of an academic paper.

  • Maximized faculty feedback and evaluation of student papers through trainings for 15 faculty members.

  • Focused faculty trainings on ELL students’ writing; provided faculty with a concrete template for revisions, coached them on how to manage student expectations about the revision and grading process.


Chief Editor for the Annesley Writers Forum , April 2016 – Present

  • Recruit new writers through networking and community building.

  • Develop new and existing writers through writing workshops, one-on-one consultation, writing partner program, and active implementation of the revision and feedback process.

  • Brainstorm and design writing themes for each month; write and issue monthly newsletters with writing tips to help writers grow in craft and writing process.

  • Mentor and manage a team of five assistant editors through monthly conference calls and regular e-mails instructing in the editing and revision process.

  • Cast vision and creating ethos for a community dedicated to lifting women’s voices in the spiritual and cultural conversation.


Online Writing Workshop Creator and Facilitator, April 2009 – Present

  • Found monthly, four-week long, on-line writing workshops for adult learners.

  • Build the workshops and manage technology associated with the learning platforms.

  • Manage enrollment and ongoing marketing of the workshops for over 50 members from countries including Ajur Bijan, Turkey, Canada, and the United States.

  • Create curriculum, writing goals and outcomes, assignments, prompts, reading selections, and video lecturettes on elements of craft.

  • Provide extensive feedback on each writer’s submission each week with suggestions for revision and improvement.




Fundamentals of University Teaching Certificate, Winter 2017

  • Awarded by the Center for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo

  • Completed 6 teaching workshops on assessing and improving teaching, teaching method, effective lesson plans, and giving quality feedback.

  • Participated in a micro teaching session to deliver a mini lesson to peers and receive feedback on teaching.



English Language Advanced Placement Reader, Kansas City & Tampa, June 2015, June 2016, June 2017

  • One of 1500 AP high school teachers and college professors hired to read AP ENG Lang exam.

  • Internalized national standardized rubric for college level rhetorical analysis.

  • Read and scored over 1000 essays in seven days.



Flash Fiction Judge, Waterloo County High School English Awards, Renison College


Student Writing Contest, Creative Nonfiction Category - The Conference on Christianity and Literature, Spring 2009


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